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    Mendacity 8.1

    Recent incontestable proof that “Barack Hussein Obama’s” birth certificate is fake has been met with deafening silence by the mainstream media. However, “Barry Soetoro” reports that more is to come on the subject soon: Barry Soetoro: Obama Fake ID: More Coming Under Trump? Obama Nailed! Globalists Panic, MSM Freaks! From Carl Gallups: Obama Fraud Birth Document Archives

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    Cinderella’s Fake News Forum: #1

    Occasionally, Cinderella will be posting items on the Sandy Hook 12-14-12 Event that give you, the reader, a chance to exercise your wits in determining whether or not a news story or social media item (posts, Tweets and messages) is true or false. Most will be small items not previously closely examined in the continuing Sandy Hook narrative. Some may seem trivial to the point of pettiness, but Cinderella has found that many tiny hanging threads eventually unravel a whole sweater, especially if the sweater is cheaply made. We’re calling these little threads Cinderella’s Fake News Forum. Cinderella will do her best to provide  background, research and commentary to aid…

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    Mendacity 8.0

    Surprise, surprise. Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a fabrication (a “fraudulently manufactured document”), say two forensic document experts working on two different continents without each others’ knowledge. Separately, each found nine points of forgery. See below for investigator Mike Zullo’s testimony: PNN Exclusive report on 9-point Obama birth certificate fraud – Press Release Video Barry Soetoro: Proof Obama forged birth certificate Hagmann & Hagmann: Public office requires the public’s trust Infowars: Sheriff Arpaio proves Obama’s birth certificate is forged This simply adds another fake beard to the imposter kit that Barack Obama has been carrying around with him for eight years in the White House. As Sandy Hook researchers already…

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    Revisiting a storybook character.

    As Sandy Hook records another 12-14-12 memorial event, Cinderella has been opening her scrapbook and examining old pictures and clips. It never hurts to review our history, and, not surprisingly, others are following suit in an effort to understand what really happened that day and in the weeks and months (and years) preceding it. One photo that appeared in the pages churned out by the mainstream press continues to haunt: Principal Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung dressed as a storybook fairy queen in a high-necked bridal gown while holding a star-tipped wand. The full-length photograph can still be viewed with a Google image search and a little luck. Here it is below:…

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    Reality cries.

    Soft-spoken Tara, aka www.realitycalls.co, is one of the researchers who provided matter-of-fact tweets and videos based on odd findings in the Podesta emails released by Wikileaks. Tara recently appeared on the Hagmann & Hagmann show. (Click here. Her testimony begins at the 31:10 mark.) Accusing Tara of acting in a “predatory manner” against James Alefantis, Youtube removed one of her videos, which examined his then-public Instagram account. Many researchers like Tara noted that his Instagram messages referenced children with sexual innuendo. As Tara explains, her videos focused on the suspect public domain declarations of someone who is reportedly the 49th most powerful person in Washington, who visited the WH five…

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    Naked Capitalism threatens to sue Washington Post for ‘fake news’ defamation

    Even as I reblog this post, the salvos against free speech are getting noisier and more formidable. As reported by independent commentator Paul Watson, the European Union is insisting that Twitter, YouTube and Facebook censor “illegal hate speech” within 24 hours. That is a term hopelessly entangled with so-called “fake news,” which, as we have seen, encompasses perfectly legitimate, well-researched content, of which FOTM is one example. Also, see this.