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    Turning Trump.

    Ex-NSA agent Vance Davis discusses a global secret police force and how the cabal will attempt to tilt the current president toward actions that are a far cry from constitutional. Click here: Part 1. Woe to those who deeply hide their counsel from the LORD, and whose works are in the dark, and who say, “Who sees us?” and “Who knows us?”  Isaiah 29:15

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    Mental predation.

    Christian author, speaker and minister Paul McGuire provides a thorough review of the mind control agenda from John Dewey to Zbigniew Brzezinski and beyond. Click here. Click here for more on the machinations of the public educational system and the stranglehold it has exercised toward a collective slave mind. If you like his work, you can contribute here.

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    Out of the box: Personal effects.

    After the traumatic death of a loved one, his or her things live on. Clothes, hairbrushes, books, cell phones, journals, toothbrushes, CDs, plants, recipes, jewelry, memorabilia add to the burden of loss. It falls to the survivors to deal with these personal effects, and it is never easy. Take, for instance, the case of Amy Lawton, the youngest daughter of George Hochsprung from his first marriage to Janet (Walzer) Hochsprung. Amy gave an account of her experience receiving her step-mother’s personal effects in a New York Times article, dated April 28, 2013. Here is an excerpt from that article (boldface is mine): “Last week the pain and grief from these…

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    Buying gun control.

    Commenting on the recent Fort Lauderdale shooting incident, “Barry Soetoro” reminds us to examine city budgets in trouble and legislation up for vote before mass shootings occur. (Click here.) For instance, the Marysville, Washington shooting (October 2014) happened just before a major gun control initiative was up for vote in that state. Billionaires like Michael Bloomberg spent millions to make sure it passed. In Newtown, Connecticut, several elementary schools were well behind schedule for necessary upgrades and repairs due to serious budget problems. Then, bingo. After the 12-14-12 incident, money was no obstacle. A $50MM school was built on the sawdust of the demolished Sandy Hook Elementary School. What were…