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    Vampire hunting.

    Certain elites, deep state operatives, popes and priests, politicians, coaches, children’s charities and adoption agencies, government child protection agencies, academicians and pedagogues, the silent media and, of course, the banksters, all seem to have colluded in the creation of a vast pedophile/child trafficking network. At the heart of it (if it can be called that)  is something commonly referred to as satanic ritual abuse. Sick to death of the innocent lives lost to depraved criminals? The only way to pierce the heart of the vampire is to expose the issue to light and push for real law enforcement. More alternative researchers are doing this in the face of serious threats,…

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    Wolves in sheeps’ clothing.

    What do cults and certain children’s “charities” have in common? They are useful breeding grounds for CIA trafficking and mind control activities according to this 2014 article, which provides a catalogue of examples. You might take a look and ask yourself what this has to do with recent news concerning Laura Silsby, Monica Peterson and Haiti. It’s a depraved world indeed where a pedophile racket can masquerade as an orphanage, a charitable foundation, a school or any number of other purportedly “do-good” traps. But it’s a pretty old theme. The Brothers Grimm had it covered long ago.

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    Triple exposure.

    The “pizzagate” issue continues to merit serious investigation, but as new information surfaces, the mainstream media continues its conspiracy of silence. Here are three very revealing new exposés from independent sources. From Henry Makow: DHS Insider: Pedogate Exposes CIA-Mossad Deep State. From Sinead McCarthy and Kyle Hunt: The Big Picture: Pizzagate and Beyond, Part 1 From Jake Morphonios (End Times News): #Pizzagate: The Comet Ping Pong/Haiti Connection (Caution: The second, a video, contains extremely disturbing footage.)

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    “The most important free speech case.”

    American Free Press describes Prof. James Tracy’s wrongful termination suit against Florida Atlantic University (FAU) as the first amendment case that merits the most media attention, in a recent article by Dave Gahary. Yet, there has been hardly a murmur from other news sources. Since the lawsuit was filed in April 2016, FAU attempted to have it dismissed by a federal judge, arguing that Tracy was fired for “insubordination,” not for opinions expressed about Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon bombing on his personal blog. Attacks against his free speech rights were conspicuously launched by CNN’s Anderson Cooper in 2013, targeting Tracy as well as his job as a tenured…

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    Biological darkness.

    Sofia Smallstorm covers this topic with unique clarity and eloquence on Hagmann & Hagmann. Click here and listen to her latest insights on how and why sunlight is being obscured to our detriment by geoengineering – and why the average Joe “plays Baal,” going along with the program. Sofia also makes the connection between biological darkness and the death paradigm of “sacred societies.” Visit Sofia’s web site here and her store here. Cinderella also highly recommends her newsletter, available by subscription.

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    Researcher Dr. Richard Sauder has written extensively about underground structures and tunnels of all kinds that course beneath the surface of cities, airports, the ocean floor, deserts and other terrain to astonishing lengths and depths. His fourth and most recent book is Hidden in Plain Sight: Beyond the X-Files (2010). Sauder was recently interviewed by Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt on this subject, based on his dogged research into declassified documents, many of which hadn’t been examined by a human eye for 60 years. He has also collected cogent anecdotal evidence. The secret worlds that Sauder probes in his books range from storage facilities and continuity-of-government bases to sprawling networks that…

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    American pedophilia.

    It seems that organized pedophilia has been as American as apple pie since, at least, the 20th century. It has secretly cornered the young, destroying them, body, mind and soul, while flashing satanic symbols at benighted adults who, more often than not, do not want to know. Dereliction of duty toward the young has simultaneously become a trance-like American phenomenon. In this recent Dark Journalist video, Daniel Liszt interviews Cathy O’Brien, author of  Trance: Formation of America, a groundbreaking account of her exploitation by the political elite through MK-ultra experiments. Brutally raped from the time she was a young child, O’Brien broke the story at a time when almost no…

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    Perpetuating the lie.

    Entertainers like Lady Gaga and others on the world stage continue to turn everything upside down with their overt Satanic rituals. This year’s Superbowl performance was subtler, but nevertheless made a statement about Gaga’s loyalty to the new world order and plans to birth a new race of mind-slaves. The Superbowl is a far cry from “family” entertainment, said to be The Event of the Year used for child-trafficking activities by depraved opportunists. Paul McGuire provides an exposé here. Another excellent analysis by Face Like the Sun, here.

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    Swamp monsters.

    Two articles on strange doings at the State Department are found here and here. The first of these is about an internal dissent memo against Pres. Trump’s temporary immigration ban, signed by 900 State Department officials. The second is about one State Department employee, Monika Wesolowski, whose job was threatened because she had been keeping a portrait of President Trump on her desk. During her recent interview about this issue with Dave Hodges, she mentioned that her office produces publications on child sex trafficking that point a finger at African operations, but ignore instances occurring here at home. The miasma thickened after this interview, with various anonymous attempts to interfere…