Sandy Hook,  Typos

A funny typo in a sad and dirty place.

This sign (click on the title of this post) appeared in front of the Sandy Hook School after the shooting in December 2012. There’s a funny typo in it, “prosuceted” instead of “prosecuted.” I guess the spelling police weren’t at the school that day. It really “sucs”!

The thought occurred to me that there was a hidden message in this sign, but I don’t think so. It’s just another dreary typo.

I found the photo at a Global Research web page by Scott DeLarm. While I was there, I looked at all of the pictures of the school and it made me want to give everything a good hard once-over with suds and bleach. That school was a mess!  There’s green and black stuff growing on the bricks and a dinginess I haven’t seen since my boyfriend’s first apartment over a chicken coop in Nashville, where he lived with four other messy sluggers.

If the parents of Sandy Hook cared so much about their children, why not vote to get that musty old HVAC system repaired back in 2002? It was only something like a $5M expense, a drop in the bucket for a place like Newtown.

I hunted down this sad photo album of Sandy Hook after the event and found even more bad housekeeping.

Look at the punched-out doorknob locks, the rotten wood, the grungy tile, dangling wires, the icky-sticky look of the place, the total lack of feng shui! It’s really an eyesore for a “vanguard” school. If Cinderella had kids, she wouldn’t have sent them there.

There are plenty of other mistakes in the Sandy Hook lore and literature. It’s really hard, though, to figure out which ones are mistakes – and which ones are intentional.

Like this one: According to the FBI Report on Crime for the United States in 2012, nobody was murdered in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012.

So, really? Nobody was murdered? I should feel better now. Except that I don’t.

There’s also this: The 2012 Crime in Connecticut report. It has one of the funniest Sandy Hook mistakes of all. It squirrels away the Newtown deaths in the wrong county! Instead of Fairfield County, where the supposed deaths belong, they’re in Middlesex County. It doesn’t get much sillier than that.

If only it were silly. But homicide isn’t silly. Neither is faking homicide numbers or putting them in secret hiding places.

And there are other not-so-funny, fishy things. Like this FEMA document about a drill for “Mass Death of Children at a School by Firearms” with an exercise date of “12/14/12.” And the cold-blooded language below, which also seems to contain a Sandy Hook typo regarding pumpkin time:

“The exercise is expected to end at 11:59 pm on 12/13/12 and be evaluated on 12/14/12 as a real time event”

Horrifying and scary to Cinderella.

So let’s get back to the lighter, funnier side of Sandy Hook with this 2003 Newtown Community Facilities document. It contains an error, a typo, on page 9. Do your Sandy Hook homework and take a peek. You’ll see that two schools are captioned as “Sandy Hook Elementary School.”

One of them is the real Sandy Hook School on Dickenson Drive. But the other is … Hawley Elementary School on Church Hill Road in Newtown. Hawley is right down the street from the headquarters of Newtown Bee, the area’s local rag. Everyone in Newtown knows these two landmarks, so the captioning typo in the published document seems awfully careless.

Is it just a typo? Maybe, maybe not.

The naughty little typo seems premonitory in light of more recent history. Four days before the 2012 event, Newtown was talking about the possibility of shutting down an elementary school because enrollments were dropping.

Then the Event happened and the school was razed. And then, as almost everyone knows, Newtown began reconstructing a shiny new school with a $50M check from the state of Connecticut. It’s scheduled to open in Fall 2016.

In the meantime, due to the big drop in the kid count, Newtown started looking at closing an elementary school – for real. Which one do you think they were targeting?

Hawley. The school needs a $14M renovation and the head count is way down. It makes sense. Hawley children, it was thought, could be bused to the new school in Sandy Hook, where the Event happened.

You can imagine how Hawley parents felt about that. Cinderella knows how she would have felt – and she doesn’t even have kids.

But the Board of Education voted it down because it would “derail the town’s recovery from the 2012 killings of 20 first-graders and six educators at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.” Interesting.

From the Newstimes article: “The issue was not so much that parents were afraid to send kids to a new school built on the same campus as the torn-down building where the shooting took place, but rather the Sandy Hook students and teachers deserved their own space in a new place.”

I find the choices of words revealing. It’s obvious that the decision was not made for the sake of Hawley kids and parents. It was made to accommodate the deserving Sandy Hook “students and teachers” who want the new school to themselves.

What is it about Sandy Hook?

Maybe that typo was someone’s gentle suggestion that Hawley and Sandy Hook should someday become one big happy Sandy Hook school. It won’t happen in 2016, though.

It’s just a typo. But some typos are like Freudian slips.








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