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All that matters.

Alex Jones thinks the New World Order’s planned American civil war is off and running. See this video.

Cinderella admires a man who can work himself up into a sweat over something other than football, gourmet pizza and the usual.

The alternative news media, including Infowars, rose up out of the first amendment in order to support the second amendment, the 4th, the 5th, the 6th and the 10th; in fact, the entire U.S. Constitution. Without a burly, well-muscled first amendment, the rest of it atrophies quickly – as we are seeing.

Cinderella agrees. Here’s to unabridged free speech, the freedom to voice and exercise religious beliefs; the freedom to peaceably assemble; the right to petition the government especially when it’s caught doing any of the following: Grievously lying; stealing privately held land; murdering innocent Americans and foreign nationals; assassinating presidents, senators and Supreme Court justices; creating havoc by training angry young men in the art of war, then supplying them with war machinery and fomenting terrorist acts; destroying sovereign countries abroad to control their people and resources through a clash of civilizations and other means; overtly or covertly fixing elections; performing deadly biological experiments, collapsing buildings or faking deaths in order to carry out vicious, subversive and violent one-world agendas under the guise of environmentalism or love or patriotism or peace. And doing it all with money held in secret funds by the U.S. Treasury and monies borrowed from private international banking concerns.

That said, Cinderella is going to exercise her free speech right here under the flaring nostrils of the Beast:

  • I believe that the Sandy Hook event of December 14, 2012 was misrepresented as a massacre by the lying, corporate/government-controlled mainstream media.
  • I believe it was the capstone event of a FEMA drill.
  • I believe that certain people were co-opted into carrying out the event through various compensatory and other highly persuasive means.
  • I believe a nefarious principality (the usual suspects) helped catapult the event.
  • I believe that many people in the area this event concerns didn’t know about the Plan and did not participate in it; I believe this FEMA drill – very much like a David Copperfield stunt – required the cooperation of a multitude, but did not require the cooperation of ALL.
  • I believe that, while the putative shooter may have died (if he ever existed), it is doubtful that anyone else did, given facts presented in this blog and the preponderance of evidence supplied by investigators such as Wolfgang Halbig, FOTM (Dr. Eowyn & others),  Sofia Smallstorm, videographer “Barry Soetoro,” Carl Gallups, Tony Mead, James Fetzer, Jonathan Reich, Paul Preston, and myriad commenters, bloggers and Youtubers, many more than can be listed here.
  • I believe the agenda behind it, while certainly involving gun control, also involves much more – such as nefarious mind-control efforts through the mental health, pharmaceutical and education industries. It is perfidy, plain and simple, an attempt to destroy free thought and implant a false reality to the benefit of the controllers.

Why am I saying all of the above? Because it’s my right to say it. And rights die when they are not exercised. Do you understand this, dear reader? That was a message for you.

So what are you going to do about it, NWO, New Town and the Beast? Come after a blogger with a fairy-tale name? Come after her friends? Goad us? Threaten us with ignominy, unemployment and terminal illness for exercising our free speech rights? Say we’re mentally unstable or mentally ill? Send us poison packages through the U.S. mail? Give us all CIA heart attacks? Mow us down with a six-wheeler?

In the meantime, Cinderella will continue to provide such facts as she can glean from the evidence still before us. And in the end, it will not matter whether her name is Cinderella or Godzilla. All that will matter is the truth.

And on that note:








  • Michael Flagg

    All of this “believing” and no facts to back up your beliefs. There has not been one ounce of proof that Sandy Hook never happened/was a drill. Someone had to fabricate “proof” by editing a document and calling it the FEMA manual. The people you mention post wrong information all the time. Wolfgang Halbig still insists no paramedics/EMTs entered the building, even though that was long debunked, and he was directly told where in the report he can find the information, but he chooses to ignore facts. He is just a harasser and thinks he is above anyone else due to his credentials. He is retired, yet he still chooses to bring up his credentials as a way to pertain information. Tony Mead has been involved from the beginning, yet he does nothing to at least stop wrong information from going viral. Instead, he suppresses people who do not believe what he does. So much has been debunked, yet many choose to ignore facts. The school was always operating (from web archives and newsletters; there is mountain of evidence to support that), the shooter existed, 20 children and 6 adults died (plus the shooter’s mother and the shooter), and that is what it is. Not one single person can prove the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax. No one ever will.

    • muchmadness

      We shall see, Mr. Flagg. We shall see. Or, rather, you shall see. As far as I’m concerned, there’s more evidence here for a grand illusion than there is evidence that you or I exist.

    • tyrannynews

      You forgot to condemn someone for besmirching the hallowed memories of deceased persons or other Sandy Hook connected persons. Without that, your comments add up to a strong interest in denying pursuit of the underlying truth will yield any results. In that case, you might consider letting the effort burn out. But I suspect that you’re not energetically promoting the official account for any reason stated. There’s likely a personal interest at play, be it monetary, judicial, coercion or simply survival. Why not walk off the job today and watch how quickly the community you disparage so often welcomes and protects you. Think about it…it’s protection now or protection later, when it counts.

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