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At the mercy of madmen and the Abyss.

From SGT, comes this report on the current state of the world. With a president who has clearly fallen in with the machinations of the globalists (with applause from the neo-cons, the MSM and the blind public) it isn’t optimistic.

Heavy reference is made to an excellent article by Richard Sauder (Event Horizon Chronicle), which can be read in its entirety here. Sauder reviles Trump, lumping him in with all of his neocon predecessors.

He writes, “The old order is visibly, rapidly failing, on every front, but the only game that the Powers That Be know is death, destruction, exploitation and war, notwithstanding that those are the very worst decisions that they could make.”

Similarly perplexed by the president’s flip-flopping, Rick Wiles of TruNews expresses disillusionment. Surrounded by his appointed Goldman Sachs bankers, TPP supporters, Gary Cohn and Jared Kushner, Trump is engulfed by the “shadow government,” says Wiles, who is a Christian pastor.

“These swamp monsters stay at the bottom of the swamp,” says Wiles. “They run the country.”

Keep praying.

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