Censorship,  Sandy Hook

Back up thanks to a great backup crew.

Cinderella’s Broom was taken down by WordPress suddenly and without explanation on August 15, 2018, along with a host of other conservative opinion and Sandy Hook research blogs. For the full story, go here and here.

The odds of fighting a digital Goliath without friends are not good. Cinderella is very grateful for all of the mighty good folks who have assisted in recovering this blog and have stood by with their time, expertise and talent.

This blog will remain up, thanks to a new host, as you see it, but primarily as an archive.

Cinderella has been graciously invited to join FOTM as a writer, and has accepted. Likewise, Memory Hole Blog has welcomed and encouraged new articles. Both are excellent blogs that Cinderella’s readers are likely already visiting.

Output will be slow at first, but be patient. All good things require time.

With thanks to my readers and all truth warriors. ~C.


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