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    SH: Recent Interview of Halbig by Marty Leeds Covers Chalk Hill Evidence.

    Documents show that Sandy Hook Elementary food and milk deliveries were sent to Chalk Hill Middle School  (Monroe, CT) long before 12-14-12. A detailed discussion of this fact appears in a YouTube interview (Feb. 2019) of Wolfgang Halbig by Marty Leeds here. CB has covered this topic before, but the Leeds interview helps cement the pieces with visuals and testimony by Mr. Halbig, who, as a former school administrator, knew where to look for the evidence.  

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    SH: Where was the food going and who was eating it?

    Wolfgang Halbig continues to ask interesting questions about why food was being shipped to Sandy Hook Elementary School, not at the familiar 12 Dickinson Drive, Sandy Hook (Newtown) address, but at the 375 Fan Hill Road, Monroe address belonging to Chalk Hill Middle School — long before 12-14-12. Chalk Hill Middle, situated in Monroe, CT, was the school that was said to have been turned into a Sandy Hook Elementary replica in January 2013 in order to house survivors of the alleged Sandy Hook school massacre. The reason Chalk Hill was available for this purpose is that it  was no longer open –  mothballed and vacant since mid-2011. Wolfgang says…

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    SH: Monroe & Newtown: A tale of two cities.

    Wolfgang Halbig recently posted this article (“FCC Fraud Uncovered in Newtown”)* on his Facebook page and sent it around to various recipients. Using 2011 applications that both Newtown and Monroe made to the FCC for school telecommunications discounts, Wolfgang shows that one Monroe school (Chalk Hill Middle) appeared on the Newtown application. Wolfgang’s line of questioning on this anomaly is so direct and simple, even a monkey could understand it, and not a very intelligent one at that. See an excerpt below (italics are mine): “The photos show the application of both Monroe and Newtown, CT school boards for E-Rates funding. Both applications are submitted in the school year 2011.…

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    SH: Parking lots that are still talking.

    As a writer who sometimes tires of words, I enjoy looking at satellite photos. They tell a story plain and simple like a Grandma Moses painting, with an unadorned, omniscient view of roads, highways, farmland furrows, trees, buildings and parking lots. Recently, Wolfgang Halbig has been sharing satellite photographs taken over several years of the same view: the acreage encompassing three of Monroe, Connecticut’s public schools: Jockey Hollow Middle School (JHMS);  Fawn Hollow Elementary School (FHES); and the former Chalk Hill Middle School (CHMS). Let me refresh your memory on the latter. The perfect replica. In January 2013, Chalk Hill Middle was the school that loaned its classrooms and halls…

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    “Speed dialed” to the scene of the crime.

    From International News Daily comes this recent article by James Tracy on Al Barbarotta of AFB Construction Management and Conveo Energy, who transferred furniture from the Sandy Hook Elementary School to Monroe’s Chalk Hill School on Dec. 15, 2012. That’s one day after the alleged shooting. Nice quick work if you can get it. The article supplies evidence of Barbarotta’s long association with Gov. Dannel Malloy and a history of lucrative contracts awarded to AFB by the State of Connecticut since 1999. It’s tough to follow the money stream in the Sandy Hook story because there are so many rivulets and tributaries. Easier to follow the major renovations in bricks,…

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    Free lunch breadcrumb trail leads straight to Chalk Hill Middle School.

    This post provides evidence that Chalk Hill Middle School of Monroe, Connecticut may have been used as a replica of Sandy Hook Elementary School long before January 2013 – perhaps as early as 2011. The evidence is found in a breadcrumb trail of free and reduced-rate lunch stats used to calculate high-speed Internet discounts for schools. Newtown’s 2012 paperwork includes Chalk Hill Middle School, whose numbers are identical to that of Sandy Hook Elementary. Truly glaring – but buried. Fortunately, Cinderella has a shovel as well as a broom. §   Wolfgang Halbig has been sending Cinderella some interesting documents about free and reduced-price school lunches. It’s disturbing that even…