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    At the mercy of madmen and the Abyss.

    From SGT, comes this report on the current state of the world. With a president who has clearly fallen in with the machinations of the globalists (with applause from the neo-cons, the MSM and the blind public) it isn’t optimistic. Heavy reference is made to an excellent article by Richard Sauder (Event Horizon Chronicle), which can be read in its entirety here. Sauder reviles Trump, lumping him in with all of his neocon predecessors. He writes, “The old order is visibly, rapidly failing, on every front, but the only game that the Powers That Be know is death, destruction, exploitation and war, notwithstanding that those are the very worst decisions…

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    I spy hypocrites and liars.

    Obama bypassed U.S. laws and used foreign intelligence to spy on Donald Trump – and who knows how many other U.S. citizens? Judge Andrew Napolitano’s disclosure on Fox News first broke this information, for which he was taken off the air. But he has since stood by his statement. From Zero Hedge: Judge Napolitano returns to Fox News, stands by claim From Next News Network: Judge Napolitano risked everything to say this 1 thing on Fox News today More recently, CIA director Mike Pompeo has called Wikileaks a “hostile intelligence service,” in a strange about-face. It all seems to depend on who the target is and who is doing the…

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    Two red pills.

    Cinderella recommends the following two gulps as effective wake-up calls. From Paul McGuire: Deception in the Church.  (Learn how to avoid legalistic thinking, which can poison your faith and keep you churning; also, probe the Marxist agenda behind watered-down Christianity.) From DC Pizzagate: A Primer Updated 3/30. (Gain a thorough understanding of pizzagate and learn why the research is neither paranoia, nor fairy tale nor fake news. Nearly all of the primary pieces are here.)

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    Deep state survivor: Kevin Shipp.

    An excellent interview with former CIA agent Kevin Shipp was released by Hagmann & Hagmann last week. It’s essential viewing for anyone who wants to understand the very real jeopardy that Pres. Donald Trump, his allies – and anyone who poses a serious threat to the surveillance apparatus and its monetary underpinnings – are currently facing.  Is it any wonder, then, that certain people feel threatened enough to recant, defect or bug out? It’s no fun living under the shadow of the death.

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    Rachel’s Law.

    When author Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld wrote “Funding Evil: How Terrorism is Financed and How to Stop It”, she named names. One of these was Sheikh Khalid bin Mahfouz, a Saudi Arabian billionaire, who sued Ehrenfeld for libel, despite her careful documentation. Ehrenfeld didn’t cower beneath a black hood of silence. She approached her home state of New York for first amendment protection. And “Rachel’s Law” (the Free Speech Defense Act) was drafted and passed by the New York State legislature. It protects authors from so-called “libel tourism” – by which foreign libel judgments from countries where free speech isn’t protected can be enforced. Shouldn’t there be a federal law to…

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    Operation dragnet.

    “Barry Soetoro” provides a good summary of the latest evidence in the illegal wiretapping scandal, which includes the bugging of Pres. Trump’s phones since 2004 – as well as those of his family members and employees. Obama’s NSA pursued the tapping with reckless abandon, it seems, violating laws that include the fourth amendment. There is much more. Obama’s enemies, Arizona former-Sheriff Joe Arpaio as well as investigator Mike Zullo, were dragneted thoroughly as well as threatened while investigating the issue of O’s fake long-form birth certificate. It’s clear now that Obama fiddled about every which way during his eight-year long campaign to give communism a chance. Let’s hope no one…

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    Dystopian journey.

    The world is certainly heading down the road to perdition. Paul McGuire does a good job of outlining the various techniques, from “big lies” to mind control and microchip implant technology, being deployed to reestablish mystery Babylon. This is a review for most readers, but a valuable one. Click here. What never ceases to amaze this reader is how blatantly and openly the satanic power elites announce their plans. Let’s hope more nations manage a successful exodus. {European Union poster depicting the Tower of Babel being rebuilt}

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    Camp Soros.

    Dave Hodges provides a chilling but, I think, accurate analysis of what may come unless the president acts swiftly in our country’s best interests to counter various Soros-funded treacheries and subversive elements left over from the Obama years. Click here. From the article by Hodges: “Most don’t know that in 2012, Simon Properties, the largest owner of strip malls and malls in North America, signed an agreement with DHS which would have allowed them the ability to “assist” the government with the use of their facilities in times of “national emergency”. These agreements extended to every sports venue in America. The globalists needed FEMA camps, many FEMA camps. Many of…

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    “Tread upon serpents and scorpions.”

    The title is from Luke 10:19, and is a direct commandment from Jesus: “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” You can find examples of this very striking passage in the videos, blogs and websites of many contemporary Christian commentators. Here are just a few: From Paul McGuire: Advanced High Level Spiritual Warfare From Fellowship of the Minds: Corrupt USA/World From End Times News: #PizzaGate – Out of the Darkness Into the Light, Episode 1 From Dave Hodges: State Department Employee Has Brakes Cut for the Second Time From…