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    Triple exposure.

    The “pizzagate” issue continues to merit serious investigation, but as new information surfaces, the mainstream media continues its conspiracy of silence. Here are three very revealing new exposés from independent sources. From Henry Makow: DHS Insider: Pedogate Exposes CIA-Mossad Deep State. From Sinead McCarthy and Kyle Hunt: The Big Picture: Pizzagate and Beyond, Part 1 From Jake Morphonios (End Times News): #Pizzagate: The Comet Ping Pong/Haiti Connection (Caution: The second, a video, contains extremely disturbing footage.)

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    Researcher Dr. Richard Sauder has written extensively about underground structures and tunnels of all kinds that course beneath the surface of cities, airports, the ocean floor, deserts and other terrain to astonishing lengths and depths. His fourth and most recent book is Hidden in Plain Sight: Beyond the X-Files (2010). Sauder was recently interviewed by Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt on this subject, based on his dogged research into declassified documents, many of which hadn’t been examined by a human eye for 60 years. He has also collected cogent anecdotal evidence. The secret worlds that Sauder probes in his books range from storage facilities and continuity-of-government bases to sprawling networks that…

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    In and around and beneath Fairfield Hills.

      Like Charles Dickens’s Court of Chancery in “Bleak House,” there are some places haunted by a taint of corruption, death and mystery so strong it reeks, no matter how much they’re sprayed with Lysol and presented to the public as prime real estate. A figurative fog surrounds them, obscuring what might be going on within, above, and, in the worst case scenario, beneath. Newtown, Connecticut’s Fairfield Hills is one of these. Obviously, “beneath” in the foregoing sentence refers to the tunnels of which, by now, nearly everyone is aware, unless you’ve been living in a bunker yourself for the past decade. Opened in 1931 as a psychiatric facility and…