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    “Fret not because the wicked prosper.”

    Rick Adams begins his April 21st, 2018 interview of Dr. James Fetzer with a quote from Psalm 37. How apropos, because Dr. Fetzer has a lot to fret about considering how much wickedness he has been exposing over the past several years. But instead of fretting, he speaks with authority about the Sandy Hook hoax event, Parkland and much more. Although the interview is periodically interrupted, the listener gets the picture. And what isn’t clear from the Rick Adams interview is manifestly available here in an article Fetzer wrote for Memory Hole Blog, titled “Is Alex Jones About to Betray His Followers and the Conspiracy research Community?” The question has…

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    Targeted for destruction.

    TIs (targeted individuals) are people who are involuntary participants in experiments conducted by secret government agencies and the military to fragment and control their minds. Victims describe being tormented with voices that convey demonic messages – commands to kill others or themselves, for instance – as well as annoying music and other effects. Some victims, previously completely normal, are diagnosed with schizophrenia, which is not a sudden onset mental disorder. But most live with their torment in quiet desperation as their mental, social, personal, occupational and financial foundations are steadily eroded. Dana Ashlie exposes the madness in this video. She speculates that this phenomenon is not an end in itself,…

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    Was the Las Vegas shooting a wink and a sacrifice to Satan?

    Maybe. Apart from Sandy-Hook-like inconsistencies, sudden disappearances of witnesses, forensic acoustic analysis,  and the recent unexplained death of one survivor (Kymberley Suchomel) who tried to expose the evidence for multiple shooters, there is the aerial view of the scene as shown in the Orange County Register article here. You don’t have to be a sage to see that the shooter Paddock was positioned within a huge “peace” symbol, that is to say a down-turned fork, which – according to this reference– stands for anything but peace. To quote: “The downward V has been linked to the mystic character for ”Aum,” a sacred word to the Hindu. Saying “Aum” over and…

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    At the mercy of madmen and the Abyss.

    From SGT, comes this report on the current state of the world. With a president who has clearly fallen in with the machinations of the globalists (with applause from the neo-cons, the MSM and the blind public) it isn’t optimistic. Heavy reference is made to an excellent article by Richard Sauder (Event Horizon Chronicle), which can be read in its entirety here. Sauder reviles Trump, lumping him in with all of his neocon predecessors. He writes, “The old order is visibly, rapidly failing, on every front, but the only game that the Powers That Be know is death, destruction, exploitation and war, notwithstanding that those are the very worst decisions…

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    Deep matrix.

    Your neural networks are being gamed. And your response to the game is being measured and echoed back with ads, “content,” and clever little nanobots. Anyone who thinks (whatever that is anymore) is subject to the game. From Face Like the Sun: We’re already in deep water with AI From Truthstream Media: Society is being programmed by a black box In short, your mind control switch is on 24/7, and some people are getting very rich off of it.

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    Angelic testimony.

    Angela Warren has pursued pedogate/pizzagate from the first. In return, she has been harassed and her social media has been interfered with, but she has persisted. She was interviewed recently on Hagmann & Hagmann. Click here. Angela’s interview begins at around the 1:30 mark. Ms. Warren refers to a Wikileaks document that attests to G.W. Bush obstructing multiple investigations of his political allies who were linked to a D.C.-based pedophile sex ring and other nefarious (espionage) activities. You can find that by clicking here.

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    Two red pills.

    Cinderella recommends the following two gulps as effective wake-up calls. From Paul McGuire: Deception in the Church.  (Learn how to avoid legalistic thinking, which can poison your faith and keep you churning; also, probe the Marxist agenda behind watered-down Christianity.) From DC Pizzagate: A Primer Updated 3/30. (Gain a thorough understanding of pizzagate and learn why the research is neither paranoia, nor fairy tale nor fake news. Nearly all of the primary pieces are here.)

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    Dystopian journey.

    The world is certainly heading down the road to perdition. Paul McGuire does a good job of outlining the various techniques, from “big lies” to mind control and microchip implant technology, being deployed to reestablish mystery Babylon. This is a review for most readers, but a valuable one. Click here. What never ceases to amaze this reader is how blatantly and openly the satanic power elites announce their plans. Let’s hope more nations manage a successful exodus. {European Union poster depicting the Tower of Babel being rebuilt}