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    From Memory Hole Blog: The McMartin Pre-School Tunnels

    Where there is malevolent clandestine activity, there are tunnels. In its “CIA and the Media” series, Memory Hole Blog recently posted an article about one of the most infamous of these: the Manhattan Beach California-based Virginia McMartin Preschool tunnels, where toddlers were alleged to have been taken in the 1980s for exploitation and Satanic rituals. Unknown to many, after the allegations were dismissed and the media discredited the children’s testimony, the tunnels were found beneath the school “in addition to various occult objects.” Go here for the article.

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    Researcher Dr. Richard Sauder has written extensively about underground structures and tunnels of all kinds that course beneath the surface of cities, airports, the ocean floor, deserts and other terrain to astonishing lengths and depths. His fourth and most recent book is Hidden in Plain Sight: Beyond the X-Files (2010). Sauder was recently interviewed by Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt on this subject, based on his dogged research into declassified documents, many of which hadn’t been examined by a human eye for 60 years. He has also collected cogent anecdotal evidence. The secret worlds that Sauder probes in his books range from storage facilities and continuity-of-government bases to sprawling networks that…