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    SH: “Who will defend the Wolf?” by Marty Leeds.

    In his new video, “Who will defend the Wolf?”  Marty Leeds reviews the defamatory article by Elizabeth Williamson that recently appeared in the New York Times aimed at Wolfgang Halbig and talk show host Alex Jones. Attorney Alison Maynard responded to the article with a letter that the NYT did not publish. Using the points in Maynard’s letter, Leeds offers the information that Williamson omitted about Mr. Halbig’s legal pursuit of records, documents, transcripts and logs through countless FOIA requests. Wolf represents someone who went through the proper legal channels to get the facts about Sandy Hook, says Leeds. Nevertheless, he’s being sued alongside a powerful media personality of substantial…

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    SH: Recent Interview of Halbig by Marty Leeds Covers Chalk Hill Evidence.

    Documents show that Sandy Hook Elementary food and milk deliveries were sent to Chalk Hill Middle School  (Monroe, CT) long before 12-14-12. A detailed discussion of this fact appears in a YouTube interview (Feb. 2019) of Wolfgang Halbig by Marty Leeds here. CB has covered this topic before, but the Leeds interview helps cement the pieces with visuals and testimony by Mr. Halbig, who, as a former school administrator, knew where to look for the evidence.  

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    SH: “Wolfgang Halbig’s Quest for the Truth” by Alison Maynard.

    The following op ed piece by Alison Maynard – written in response to an NYT article by Elizabeth Williamson that misrepresented Wolfgang Halbig – first appeared on Memory Hole Blog yesterday. The op ed was never published by the Times. With Atty. Maynard’s permission, I am posting it here. ~CB   ALISON MAYNARD dinophile@gmail.com TO: opinion@newyorktimes.com April 7, 2019 [Alison Maynard is a lawyer with 32 years’ experience, who has been informally assisting Wolfgang Halbig, without compensation, in the suit Sandy Hook families filed against him in Connecticut Superior Court.]   Wolfgang Halbig’s Quest for the Truth The article by Elizabeth Williamson published in the New York Times on March…

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    SH: Lift the Veil Too interview of Wolfgang Halbig reveals new information.

    Interview videos of Sandy Hook researcher Wolfgang Halbig tend to have short lives on YouTube. Notably “Dear Wolfgang,” a documentary film about the intrepid FOIA filer and questioner, went up in Sept. 2017, only to be censored. Another attempt to air the film occurred last year here, but it was memory holed shortly afterward. A new two-hour interview of Mr. Halbig by Nathan Stolpman (Lift the Veil Too) debuted on April 12, 2019. If you’ve followed the story thus far, you know that Mr. Halbig is being sued, along with Alex Jones, by Sandy Hook parents for defamation. What you may not know is that the CT court in which…

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    SH: The highly unlikely suicide of Abe Dabela: Part 2.

    This article concludes the two-part series on the murder of Abe Dabela, pronounced a suicide by Stephen J. Sedensky III. Readers are urged to read Part 1 before continuing further.   Above is a map of the crime scene where, on April 5, 2014, Attorney Abe Dabela died of a gunshot wound to the back of his head. Around midnight, he was traveling north on Umpawaug Road, a lonely two-lane strip, cloaked by trees. His overturned car was later found where the road crossed Mallory Lane, too small to merit mention of its name in the map above, but large enough to hide a car and allow a driver to…

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    SH: In his own words.

    On  September 11, 2017, “Dear Wolfgang,” a documentary film by Marty Leeds about Wolfgang Halbig’s investigation of 12-14-12, appeared on Youtube. It was subsequently removed, but recently went up again here. If you haven’t seen it, or even if you have, it’s well worth reviewing before Youtube removes it again. As the sixth-year anniversary approaches, it’s an excellent way to brush up on Sandy Hook anomalies. Note: Since this writing, Youtube has removed the referenced video. Click on the link above and you will see the specious excuse provided. Here’s where to go for the full video on Marty Leeds’s site:  Dear Wolfgang. ~ C