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Dear Wolfgang.

Two new videos about school safety consultant Wolfgang Halbig’s persistent effort to expose the truth about Sandy Hook (through legal FOIA requests) were posted on Youtube on 9-11-17:

Dear Wolfgang|Revisiting Sandy Hook

Marty Leeds Interviews Wolfgang Halbig

Cinderella highly recommends both videos as reviews of the facts and as portraits of a brave man who has stood his ground despite huge financial and personal repercussions.




  • Scottie

    At 33:39 in the second link, Wolfgang says, “Who are the 26 kids who sang at the Super Bowl a month and a half later? Nobody has ever seen them or heard from them again. How do 26 kids just disappear?”

    Actually, the Super Bowl kids have all been identified – https://vid.me/il4M9 – and many of their names appear in the honor roll listings regularly published by the Bee.

    That aside, Wolf is spot-on when he follows up with, “The part that people are not looking at…think of the damage that you’re causing to those children even today…What did you have to do to make those kids be silent? See, that’s what scares me…These kids have been mentally and cruelly attacked”.

    How sadly ironic that the “truthers”, who are routinely accused of “tormenting” and “terrorizing” the Sandy Hook families, are the only ones concerned about the psychological well-being of the children of those same families.

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