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Four diamonds.

Here are examples of four Americans who do not hesitate to call it as they see it, despite the countervailing pressures. Hurrah and thanks.

1. Chris Gaubatz

I found the interview of Chris Gaubatz on the Hagmann Show (July 13, 2017) to be very edifying. His father (Dave Gaubatz) co-wrote a book with Paul Sperry, titled “Muslim Mafia,” which is based on Chris’s undercover investigation of the Muslim Brotherhood and its offshoot, CAIR.

To penetrate these organizations he underwent a false conversion to Islam, and functioned under secrecy with the potential for serious repercussions. It was an act of total submersion (and courage), involving visits to countless mosques and convos with Muslim scholars and imams.

During this time, he uncovered that CAIR’s civil rights  attorney wasn’t even licensed to practice law and had a rap sheet. Once this fraud scheme was exposed, CAIR started an intensive shredding and coverup process.

The book is available at the WND Superstore here.  Go to Chris’s website here.


2. Prof. James Fetzer/ Jerry Lafreniere

Prof. James Fetzer’s interview with Jerry Lafreniere has been taken off of Screwtube. Lafreniere – who once lived near Sandy Hook – allegedly used to eat his lunch in the parking lot of the abandoned Sandy Hook Elementary school before the event. This gave him insight into the real nature of the shooting.  According to his testimony in another video, he knew the school had been shut down before the event.

Lafreniere was more recently driven out of his home (by police) for exposing the false flag nature of other shootings that took place in Kalamazoo, MI. It seems that his penchant for raising questions and pointing out discrepancies in official stories got him branded as a terrorist.  Listen to his testimony on the Victurus Libertas channel (on Screwtube, so hurry up before it’s taken down).

One of Lafreniere’s interesting observations is that there is a US Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Command Center unit in Kalamazoo.

Prof. Fetzer’s interview with Lafreniere, along with other banned Sandy Hook exposés, may appear on another platform soon.


3. Catherine Austin Fitts

Catherine Austin Fitts deserves her reputation for urbane, humane and incisive political analysis and commentary.  Here is an SGT Report interview with Fitts in which all of these attributes shine. It is a warning. Fitts exhorts all Americans to get involved in rooting out political corruption and salvaging the Constitution.

“The people who run this country want to implement slavery,” says Fitts. “They believe in slavery; they practice slavery. They will chip you. They will take your kids and use them for pedophilia. They will try and make pedophilia legal. So we’re talking about a group of people whose values are what we would define as completely Luciferian. If you let them tear up the Constitution, any decent life that you’ve known, you can just kiss it good-bye.”


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