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One school, one Reed.

From a bird’s eye view, the Reed Intermediate School in Newtown, CT, which teaches fifth and sixth graders, resembles the eye of Horus, the pernicious symbol of the New World/ One World Order. (Click on the title of this post for a Google image, Imagery 2016 © DigitalGlobe, Map Data © 2016  Google.)

This little discovery may mean nothing at all. On the other hand, it focuses attention on what might otherwise be missed, one of life’s simple pleasures on the Mean Planet.

In January 2003, the Newtown Board of Education published this:Updating Newtown’s Plan of Conservation and Development.

On page 7 of the above-linked document is the table below:

Page 7 of Community Facilities

Dated as the table is, it provides “Rated Capacity” numbers in the last (right-hand) column. It tells us that the upper limit capacity for Reed Intermediate School is 1,100 people. A number worthy of note.

In a previous post, Cinderella concluded that it wasn’t very likely that a Newtown public school could have housed Sandy Hook students during their “missing time” period of 2008-2012. (Go here for that discussion.)

Not an alien abduction. Cinderella isn’t suggesting that the children were abducted by Zetans! She based her conclusion on simple math derived from Newtown Board of Education documents.

Just four days before the Sandy Hook School event on 12-14-12, the Board of Education had a meeting to discuss declining school enrollments. A lovely paper trail emerged, available here. It includes this table from Attachment H:



It tells us that on October 1, 2012, enrollment at Sandy Hook Elementary was 454 students. On page 18 from the same paper trail (here) the enrollment of Reed Intermediate on October 31, 2012 is listed as 818.

So in October 2012, Sandy Hook + Reed Intermediate enrollment = 1,272 students. That would exceed Reed’s capacity (1,100) by 172 students. Too many students to fit neatly into Reed.

The numbers don’t work. But an interesting publication suggests that Sandy Hook students were prancing around at Reed regardless.

The Sandy Hook Connection. Dated March 29, 2012, the little newsletter of this title can be found here.

See the article on the first page: “Come to the SHS Sockhop.” Below is a screenshot with a red arrow pointing to one tiny but possibly crucial detail.

Sandy Hook Sock Hop

The Sandy Hook Sock Hop of April 27, 2012 wasn’t held at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. It was held at Reed Intermediate School. Why?

One School, One Read. On the second page is an article titled, “Final Week of OSOR Welcomed More Local Guest Readers!” Here it is below:One School One Read excerpt

It’s about an event attended by Sandy Hook students, titled “One School, One Read.” It has the sweet, innocent suggestion of unity in literacy. But Cinderella senses a hidden pun.

Could it be that Sandy Hook School and Reed Intermediate were once … ONE school? ONE REED?  Hm.

Childlike-looking entries in a school newsletter may appear innocuous and not worthy of serious attention. But isn’t that what illusionists do? Hiding their ruses in plain sight. Then making sure no one pays attention because doing so invites ridicule.

Yet, enjoying the fun of telling their rubes what they’re doing all the while.

One School, One Reed? Was Reed where Sandy Hook students were sequestered from 2008-2012? Occupancy limits aside, it’s still an interesting question.


Note: Featured image from Google Maps, Imagery 2016 © DigitalGlobe, Map Data © 2016  Google


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