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    SH: Boodle bubble.

    Learning how much has flowed into Sandy Hook coffers since 12-14-12 is always an occasion for pause. This article from the U.S. Dept of Education is old but revealing. An excerpt follows (boldface is mine): “The U.S. Department of Education today announced it is awarding an additional $3.1 million to Newtown Public School District to help with ongoing recovery efforts over the next two school years in response to the tragic shootings at Newtown’s Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012. This award, combined with a $1.3 million grant for the 2012-13 school year and a $1.9 million grant for the 2013-14 school year, brings the total awarded to Newtown…

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    SH: 27 Elephants and other pachyderms in the official reports.

    Memory Hole Blog recently published a thoughtful article by Diane Jakopovic that lays bare more timeline confusion in the Sandy Hook event of 2012. Go to it here: How Deeply Was the FBI Involved in the Sandy Hook Massacre? by Diane Jakopovic Jakopovic examines the swiss-cheesy FBI report (1,500 pages in three parts) and sees in it, for the first time, to my knowledge, what had been sitting around on rotund rear-ends all along. An excerpt from the article (itals are mine): “Part 1 of the FBI Sandy Hook Report includes photocopies of 27 subpoenas requiring the recipients (redacted) to testify before, or submit documents to, a scheduled Grand Jury (date…

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    SH: Where was the food going and who was eating it?

    Wolfgang Halbig continues to ask interesting questions about why food was being shipped to Sandy Hook Elementary School, not at the familiar 12 Dickinson Drive, Sandy Hook (Newtown) address, but at the 375 Fan Hill Road, Monroe address belonging to Chalk Hill Middle School — long before 12-14-12. Chalk Hill Middle, situated in Monroe, CT, was the school that was said to have been turned into a Sandy Hook Elementary replica in January 2013 in order to house survivors of the alleged Sandy Hook school massacre. The reason Chalk Hill was available for this purpose is that it  was no longer open –  mothballed and vacant since mid-2011. Wolfgang says…

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    Tommy Robinson is in grave danger.

    Robinson is the UK activist who has exposed Islamist crime “grooming” gangs and reported on the travesties of justice that have resulted from the jihadist invasion of his country. Last week, Robinson was arrested simply for reporting on the trial in Leeds of 27 Islamist rape gang members. Many of these men were found guilty of raping and trafficking children as young as 11. For his expository “crime,”  Robinson was quickly sentenced to 13 months in prison. Yesterday, Robinson was moved to a high security prison (allegedly Lester)  whose population consists primarily of Muslim terrorists, murderers and rapists. He spent last night in terror for his life, amid death threats…

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    SH: Monroe & Newtown: A tale of two cities.

    Wolfgang Halbig recently posted this article (“FCC Fraud Uncovered in Newtown”)* on his Facebook page and sent it around to various recipients. Using 2011 applications that both Newtown and Monroe made to the FCC for school telecommunications discounts, Wolfgang shows that one Monroe school (Chalk Hill Middle) appeared on the Newtown application. Wolfgang’s line of questioning on this anomaly is so direct and simple, even a monkey could understand it, and not a very intelligent one at that. See an excerpt below (italics are mine): “The photos show the application of both Monroe and Newtown, CT school boards for E-Rates funding. Both applications are submitted in the school year 2011.…

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    From Memory Hole Blog: The McMartin Pre-School Tunnels

    Where there is malevolent clandestine activity, there are tunnels. In its “CIA and the Media” series, Memory Hole Blog recently posted an article about one of the most infamous of these: the Manhattan Beach California-based Virginia McMartin Preschool tunnels, where toddlers were alleged to have been taken in the 1980s for exploitation and Satanic rituals. Unknown to many, after the allegations were dismissed and the media discredited the children’s testimony, the tunnels were found beneath the school “in addition to various occult objects.” Go here for the article.

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    “Fret not because the wicked prosper.”

    Rick Adams begins his April 21st, 2018 interview of Dr. James Fetzer with a quote from Psalm 37. How apropos, because Dr. Fetzer has a lot to fret about considering how much wickedness he has been exposing over the past several years. But instead of fretting, he speaks with authority about the Sandy Hook hoax event, Parkland and much more. Although the interview is periodically interrupted, the listener gets the picture. And what isn’t clear from the Rick Adams interview is manifestly available here in an article Fetzer wrote for Memory Hole Blog, titled “Is Alex Jones About to Betray His Followers and the Conspiracy research Community?” The question has…

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    The Empty Chair.

    From Memory Hole Blog: Pozner v. Halbig’s Phantom Plaintiff (Video). An elegantly presented video that examines the odd withdrawal and reopening of the old case. On a related note, Alex Jones, who is being sued by the same plaintiff, has been acting strangely lately, even for him. Cinderella used to be a regular listener, but the show, in her opinion, has fallen far from its zenith, when Alex regularly megaphoned the Bilderberg meetings and didn’t look the other way when Saudi rings were being kissed. Know More News has more to say about this here. Sad. Humans are frail and their own hearts betray them. It’s wise to keep that…