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SH: 27 Elephants and other pachyderms in the official reports.

Memory Hole Blog recently published a thoughtful article by Diane Jakopovic that lays bare more timeline confusion in the Sandy Hook event of 2012.

Go to it here: How Deeply Was the FBI Involved in the Sandy Hook Massacre? by Diane Jakopovic

Jakopovic examines the swiss-cheesy FBI report (1,500 pages in three parts) and sees in it, for the first time, to my knowledge, what had been sitting around on rotund rear-ends all along.

An excerpt from the article (itals are mine):

“Part 1 of the FBI Sandy Hook Report includes photocopies of 27 subpoenas requiring the recipients (redacted) to testify before, or submit documents to, a scheduled Grand Jury (date and time redacted.)  Those subpoenas were issued and signed on Dec. 14th, 2012…!!”

Jakopovic explains why this is impossible:

“There is no possible way that evidence could have been gathered, turned over to the prosecutor, and criminal charges evaluated, all on the same day as the shooting when no investigation had even begun.”

More to the point, she asks why a Grand Jury would be convened to consider criminal charges against Adam Lanza, who was a dead man, according to the same FBI report.

She concludes: The recipients of the subpoenas HAD to already have been identified and the grand jury hearings HAD to have been scheduled prior to the date of the massacre.”

Jakopovic goes on to examine meticulously other dumbfounding discrepancies contained in the Connecticut State Police, ATF and FBI investigations. My favorite is the “FBI USE” inscription on the target Adam supposedly used to perfect his shooting — but read the whole article. The mild headache you’ll sustain from GPS-identity-crises, time-stamp errata, photo-mania, and an investigation that’s more like a third-grade scavenger hunt will be a minor price to pay for Jakopovik’s real and very productive elephant hunt.




  • Diane Jakopovic

    Thank you so much for reposting this article. I pattern much of my research after good researchers like you.
    Diane Jakopovic

  • discerningeye

    I feel honored. Thank you for such a well-researched article, Diane, and for your past and future efforts in the service of truth. ~C.

  • Doctor Moebius

    The FBI has been a treasonous, criminally corrupt tool of the cabal since JFK’s assassination.

    It is a disgrace. Robert Mueller is a NAZI traitor. He should be hanged.

    There is conclusive evidence they lied about 9/11, Sandy Hook, Parkland and Las Vegas – indeed, they were co-conspirators.

    This citizenry is going to have to take action and force their closure, because their power to coerce And blackmail is significant. Unfortunately, Don Trump the Chump apparently will not be the man to do it.

    The People MUST.

    This is why the Deep State wants our guns. They know once the Peopke unite, heads will be guillotined.

    And after the FBI, CNN….

    • discerningeye

      I understand, but am not convinced that a patriot revolution, at this time, will work in the favor of the patriots. That isn’t to say one should simply give up and lie down. But I do believe that this is an information war and that compiling information – data, witness testimony, anomalies, etc. – will become the most important “weapon” against the Enemy, ultimately. Because the war will be won by a future generation, not this one. Thus, the effort to supply the facts as rigorously and completely as possible is an act of national (and psychological) defense. Keep up the good work. And think of it this way when a person reacts badly to the facts: you are asking that person to deconstruct an edifice of lies. If you told someone that you knew for a fact that their spouse is cheating on them, what do you suppose they would do? They probably wouldn’t thank you. Lives of “quiet desperation” – that is where most people are.

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