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SH: In his own words.

On  September 11, 2017, “Dear Wolfgang,” a documentary film by Marty Leeds about Wolfgang Halbig’s investigation of 12-14-12, appeared on Youtube. It was subsequently removed, but recently went up again here.

If you haven’t seen it, or even if you have, it’s well worth reviewing before Youtube removes it again. As the sixth-year anniversary approaches, it’s an excellent way to brush up on Sandy Hook anomalies.

Note: Since this writing, Youtube has removed the referenced video. Click on the link above and you will see the specious excuse provided.

Here’s where to go for the full video on Marty Leeds’s site:  Dear Wolfgang. ~ C


  • Anne Berg

    Cinderella, thank you. A video with facts so well put together it should leave no doubt even with the most ardent doubters. Wolfgang Halbig is the hero this nation so desperately needs.

  • Doctor Moebius

    I was driving by the school, at the light at Riverside and 34 for about 5 minutes, from 9:37-9:43. I was late for work and watching the time. Google maps says that’s 1000’ away. I would have heard shots (I’m a gun enthusiast). I did not.

  • Doctor Moebius

    I lived in the town next to Sandy Hook. I worked at n Sandy Hook 1.3 miles from the school. On Dec 14, 2012, I was late (unusual in my case), so I was watching the clock. I took exit 10, down Rt 34 to Turnberry Ln. I hit the light at Rt 34 and Riverside – 1000’ from the school according to Google maps. I remember looking down at my car lock, and it said 9:37 (am). I was there for about three minutes, perhaps more, because there was a lot of traffic. Since I was usually at work by then, I figured it was the normal flow. Subsequent visits at that time proved it was higher than average that day, although I have no data to confirm this.

    I am a firearms enthusiast. I own many weapons, several 9mm hand guns and rifles. I used to love near Wooster Mtn, a shooting range, where you can hear similar fire from inside a car at 40 mph, with windows closed. I know what semi-automatic gunfire sounds like.

    There was NO GUNFIRE, and right at the alleged time of this fraud.

    I investigated this for 3 years. The real estate deals are too improbable to be coincidenc.
    The behavior of the alleged victim’s parents is implausible.
    The behavior of Dr. Wayne Carver is suspicious.
    The threatening of Wolfgang Halbig by cops is suspicious.
    The untimely death of Sgt Poderwerski (sic) is ominous, not to mention others who raise doubts.

    There are simply too many coincidences to be statistically possible.
    Sandy Hook was a fraud. Exhume Noah Pozner’s grave, and this will PROVE the incident a treasonous fraud, perpetrated by TRULY EVIL people.

    May God strike me dead if I am wrong.

    I’m still here…..

      • Doctor Moebius

        Time to turn up the heat. The Propganda Press and Criminal Cops have betrayed us. For evil to win, good men must do nothing. Being a good man, I will do what I can.

        Roger Stone’s arrest today, and President Chump’s caving to Demonrat HellNoShe Pelosi indicate the Deep State is using every dirty trick. Patriots MUST unit, regardless of partisan lies. If we knew the truth, the public would be united enough to destroy the Deep State.

        So we MUST unite. Contribute to Roger’s defense at (I think). He’s as guilty of Russian collusion as I am. Spread the word.

        PS. The vitriol I get from Liberals shows how undiscerning they are at fact-based evidence. They call me a liar and evil for thinking those poor Children`s memories are being hurt. What utter programming! They really can’t think for themselves. I used to be a liberal and a Dem, but when I saw what they’ve become, I awoke. They won’t escape the Matrix. We need Neo, but it ain’t Q. Nor Trump. Dark days ahead…

  • discerningeye

    What the people (such as you and I) should do, in my opinion, is compile and circulate the facts ad infinitum. Do not expect other people to jump on a patriot bandwagon. Keep to the facts, keep repeating them and keep them in a safe place. This is an information war. Thanks for your excellent contribution.

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