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SH: James Fetzer’s analysis as the James Tracy trial approaches.

The following post, linked below, was written by Dr. James Fetzer. I am providing the link because I believe his research and opinions should be reviewed by all who are serious about determining what really happened at Sandy Hook on 12-14-12.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Sandy Hook: The James Tracy Trial is going to the Jury: Here’s what you need to know

Jim Fetzer

According to FAU, “FAU prof wasn’t fired because of Sandy Hook blog”, Sun Sentinel (4 December 2017), James Tracy was fired as a tenured associate professor because he did not submit forms about his outside activities. But the University was under pressure from the local community and donors to remove him because they objected to the content of his blog. After 35 years as a faculty member in institutions of higher learning, I have never heard of such an absurdity. If he failed to submit forms, he might have deserved a reprimand, but not removal from his position. I and others are convinced that FAU has committed a major violation of his freedom of research and of his freedom of speech.

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