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SH: Lift the Veil Too interview of Wolfgang Halbig reveals new information.

Interview videos of Sandy Hook researcher Wolfgang Halbig tend to have short lives on YouTube. Notably “Dear Wolfgang,” a documentary film about the intrepid FOIA filer and questioner, went up in Sept. 2017, only to be censored. Another attempt to air the film occurred last year here, but it was memory holed shortly afterward.

A new two-hour interview of Mr. Halbig by Nathan Stolpman (Lift the Veil Too) debuted on April 12, 2019.

If you’ve followed the story thus far, you know that Mr. Halbig is being sued, along with Alex Jones, by Sandy Hook parents for defamation. What you may not know is that the CT court in which the suit has been filed against Mr. Halbig has no jurisdiction over him for the simple reason that Mr. Halbig resides and works in Florida. Yet, the court, according to Mr. Halbig, refuses to acknowledge his motions for dismissal.

The interview covers some details about the impending trial as well as anomalies in the Sandy Hook official story that Mr. Halbig has doggedly attempted to expose and explain. However much you already know, you won’t be bored by this interview. New evidence is discussed and recent attempts by the mainstream press to foul the public’s impression of Mr. Halbig’s mental state are brought to light.

Watch the interview soon here before it joins its predecessors in YouTube’s hole of honor.



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