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SH: Monroe & Newtown: A tale of two cities.

Wolfgang Halbig recently posted this article (“FCC Fraud Uncovered in Newtown”)* on his Facebook page and sent it around to various recipients.

Using 2011 applications that both Newtown and Monroe made to the FCC for school telecommunications discounts, Wolfgang shows that one Monroe school (Chalk Hill Middle) appeared on the Newtown application.

Wolfgang’s line of questioning on this anomaly is so direct and simple, even a monkey could understand it, and not a very intelligent one at that. See an excerpt below (italics are mine):

“The photos show the application of both Monroe and Newtown, CT school boards for E-Rates funding.

Both applications are submitted in the school year 2011.

Both applications are approved for the 2012 school year funding.

Why does Chalk Hill Middle School show up in the Newtown CT school board school listings in 2011?

Why does Chalk Hill Middle School NOT show up in the Monroe CT school listings in 2011?”

Good questions, Wolfgang.

Wolfgang has posed the same line of questioning before, based on the same evidence, as presented in a Cinderella article titled “Free Lunch Breadcrumb Trail Leads Straight to Chalk Hill Middle School.”

Reading it again couldn’t hurt. The thing to remember is that schools get discounts on Internet access based on how impoverished their student populations are – determined by the percentage of kids receiving free or reduced-rate school lunches.

Newtown’s application for discounts revealed the following: The stats in the report for Sandy Hook Elementary and Chalk Hill Middle (both listed in the Newtown application) are identical. Not similar. Not comparable. The numbers are identical.

An identical replica. And much more can be said about that magical word, identical.

We all know (by now) that Chalk Hill Middle School played a heartwarming role in the magical mystery Sandy Hook saga when it became a Sandy Hook Elementary replica overnight in January 2013. It offered Sandy Hook Elementary survivors a temporary oasis that looked, felt and smelled like their old school, “down to the crayons on the desks” according to this ABC News article.

Like monkeys offered peanut-butter-and-banana school lunch sandwiches, plenty of people took that bait and swallowed it whole.

But before all of this happened, one intrepid reporter was asking a lot of pointed questions about Chalk Hill Middle in the early summer of 2012.  (Many thanks to reader Miss Marple for pointing this out to me.) You can find the article he wrote, titled “Chalk Hill Business Plan Still Missing,” here.

In this June 26th, 2012 article, reporter Steve Kirsch asks why the Town of Monroe failed to plan for the Chalk Hill building “after it was not a school.” By then, the asbestos-ridden building had long been emptied out and turned over to the town, but despite meetings and requests by interested groups, no real plans emerged. Over and over again in his article, Kirsch questions the dithering:

“Throughout the first quarter of 2012, the Board of Finance tried repeatedly to get a proposed plan for the use of Chalk Hill. Instead what they got were a bunch of statements about ideas for the building, groups that had contacted the town, possible uses, and a request to keep it open for three years in the hope it could make money.”

With the advantage of hindsight, one can well imagine why Chalk Hill Middle’s actual plans were not being disclosed to intrepid reporters in the summer of 2012. It seems that it was having a real identity crisis.

No matter.

The old Sandy Hook Elementary, now but a bad memory, was replaced by its swanky new $50MM successor in 2016. And like the cheese in the children’s rhyme, Chalk Hill stands alone, as the one-time identical replica without any definite plans. No longer will it be serving up free school lunches or, for that matter, fairy tales.


See also: “Parking Lots That Are Still Talking.”

*For Wolfgang’s Facebook article, Cinderella is using the link provided by “Seek the Truth” (formerly xion.live) because lots of readers don’t have Facebook accounts, and who can blame them?




  • Miss Marple

    Cinderella, thank you for keeping this fairy tale pertinent and current. Someday we’ll come to the final page where it reads: And They All Lived Happily Ever After Behind Bars!

    Chalk Hill School having an identity crisis. Now, that is funny! “What’s my name today? Sandy Hook Elementary School or is it Chalk Hill Middle School? I am so confused. Wish they would make up their minds.”


    • discerningeye

      “Agog.” Now there is a word that deserves more use. It nicely sums up the appropriate reaction to the Sandy Hook magical mystery. Thanks for the comment, dinophile!

  • Ray

    As we all came to know in Dec.2012,they most certainly DID have a “plan”…and it wasn’t pretty. Ohhh,but was it Lucrative!

  • discerningeye

    Yes, Ray. And there’s more money to be made, apparently. Fundraising continues, as a simple search confirms. Thanks for reminding us. ~C

    • dinophile

      LOL. Although I admit I had a somewhat different understanding of the word than I see in dictionary.com, i.e., my jaw hanging open!

  • discerningeye

    I am posting this additional astute comment by Miss Marple, who attempted to add it without success:

    “After digesting this information a bit more, the conclusion is that these two 2011 FCC applications are the only proof needed to topple the Sandy Hook fraud from top to bottom.

    In the aftermath thousands of questions were asked, untold articles written, books published, videos produced, officials from DC on down lying their hind holes off, debunkers mobilized and participants well rewarded after signing gag orders.

    How can these FCC applications be debunked and explained away? They can’t. On Monroe’s application are four schools with these numbers: 5787, 5789, 5790 and 5791. Where is 5788? Look no further than to Newtown’s FCC application.

    Chalk Hill Middle School, also known as # 5788 to further its identity crisis, shows a student population of 521, same as Sandy Hook Elementary School. Not one more or one less, although as far as the good citizens of Monroe knew the building was no longer a school and up for grabs.

    To muddle the waters even more, Newtown’s 911 director Maureen Will is preparing for a road show leading to Nebraska in October. There she’ll put on a dog and pony farce, claiming 700 students attended SHES that fateful day. The gifted day that keeps on giving and giving. See link below:”


    ~Miss Marple

  • dinophile

    The Monroe School District is accurately reporting that Chalk Hill is not in its district, since the school was transferred to the Town of Monroe (according to your link “Chalk Hill Business Plan Still Missing.”

    So…only one application has been made for Chalk Hill, by the Town of Newtown; but Newtown also made one for Sandy Hook, and they are one and the same, as Miss Marple has shown, and they were asking for service as of July 1, 2012, although it looks like they entered into the contract in March 2011.

    Monroe is obviously complicit, in any event.

    Wonder why Halbig has not shown us the signatures and dates on the forms. Can we get those? Who signed the forms?

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