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SH: Where was the food going and who was eating it?

Wolfgang Halbig continues to ask interesting questions about why food was being shipped to Sandy Hook Elementary School, not at the familiar 12 Dickinson Drive, Sandy Hook (Newtown) address, but at the 375 Fan Hill Road, Monroe address belonging to Chalk Hill Middle School — long before 12-14-12.

Chalk Hill Middle, situated in Monroe, CT, was the school that was said to have been turned into a Sandy Hook Elementary replica in January 2013 in order to house survivors of the alleged Sandy Hook school massacre. The reason Chalk Hill was available for this purpose is that it  was no longer open –  mothballed and vacant since mid-2011.

Wolfgang says he possesses certified billing records – invoices – from publicly traded corporations that record the peculiar food transactions and clearly spell out who approved them. Hear what he has to say about the documents and what they will mean in his impending case: Click here.

He also revisits FCC applications for telecommunications E-rate discounts requested by Newtown public schools in 2011. Curiously, the applications listed both Chalk Hill Middle (of Monroe) and Sandy Hook Elementary – each with identical information.

Like Alex Jones, Wolfgang is a defendant in a defamation lawsuit by several Sandy Hook parents.


“I hope, uhh, I hope they and I hope uhh the people of Newtown, uhh don’t have it crash on their head later.”  ~ Wayne Carver


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