"Fake news",  Free speech rights,  Sandy Hook,  Wolfgang Halbig

SH: “Who will defend the Wolf?” by Marty Leeds.

In his new video, “Who will defend the Wolf?”  Marty Leeds reviews the defamatory article by Elizabeth Williamson that recently appeared in the New York Times aimed at Wolfgang Halbig and talk show host Alex Jones.

Attorney Alison Maynard responded to the article with a letter that the NYT did not publish. Using the points in Maynard’s letter, Leeds offers the information that Williamson omitted about Mr. Halbig’s legal pursuit of records, documents, transcripts and logs through countless FOIA requests.

Wolf is someone who went through the proper legal channels to get the facts about Sandy Hook, says Leeds. Nevertheless, he’s being sued alongside a powerful media personality of substantial means and legal representation in what Leeds calls “a direct assault to free speech.”


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