Illusions/Delusions,  Military ops,  Mind control,  Spiritual warfare,  Truth Movement

Targeted for destruction.

TIs (targeted individuals) are people who are involuntary participants in experiments conducted by secret government agencies and the military to fragment and control their minds.

Victims describe being tormented with voices that convey demonic messages – commands to kill others or themselves, for instance – as well as annoying music and other effects.

Some victims, previously completely normal, are diagnosed with schizophrenia, which is not a sudden onset mental disorder. But most live with their torment in quiet desperation as their mental, social, personal, occupational and financial foundations are steadily eroded.

Dana Ashlie exposes the madness in this video. She speculates that this phenomenon is not an end in itself, but a means – to see how far individuals can be driven mad before ending their lives or obeying commands to commit acts of extreme violence.

Not surprisingly, those who have so far successfully resisted the mental torture are fervent believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. Prayer is the antidote, according to them.


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