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Tommy Robinson is in grave danger.

Robinson is the UK activist who has exposed Islamist crime “grooming” gangs and reported on the travesties of justice that have resulted from the jihadist invasion of his country.

Last week, Robinson was arrested simply for reporting on the trial in Leeds of 27 Islamist rape gang members. Many of these men were found guilty of raping and trafficking children as young as 11. For his expository “crime,”  Robinson was quickly sentenced to 13 months in prison.

Yesterday, Robinson was moved to a high security prison (allegedly Lester)  whose population consists primarily of Muslim terrorists, murderers and rapists. He spent last night in terror for his life, amid death threats by guards as well as prisoners.

Funds are being raised to help him. Go here: and click on support. And sign the PETITION to release him here. Please do what you can.



“Blood on Your Hands” – Tommy Robinson Sentence Sparks Global Outrage

Tommy Robinson’s Last Message: Political Prisoner Speaks Out

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No Justice for Tommy Robinson

Excerpt from above article (bf is mine):
“What is extremely interesting about this situation is that the South Yorkshire police and judicial system demonstrate far more interest in protecting criminals in this case than protecting the actual victims of the crimes. This trend appears to be common within the present state of the world. Those who expose crimes are punished for doing so while the criminals behind these scandals are able to walk a red carpet of protection and privilege with no worry about actual accountability. And this appears to be happening in numerous cases both within the U.K. and in the U.S.”
Letter from Tommy Robinson (written and released recently from prison):

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