“Cinderella” appeared first in China, then in Italy. She has come to represent everyone oppressed by and delivered from falsehood by the ultimate good fairy, which is truth.

Her story (as Cenerentola: Italian; Cendrillon: French) focuses on one persecuted, obscure young woman whose fortune changes dramatically by the power of beneficent intervention.

The beneficent interventionist deployed in this eponymous blog will be light in the form of research, facts, scripture, literature and questions.

Join Cinderella as we explore haunted houses and delicately remove cobwebs toward a clearer understanding of what lurks beneath them. Cinderella is just a simple house-cleaner. But you may be much more ~ a detective, an historian, a political scientist, a naturopath, a prophet, a pastor, a philosopher. In short, a trained or gifted mind.

Feel free to bend ours and shoot holes through our silly ideas. We want the truth. It’s really that simple.